Custom Cookie Cutters

Can’t find the exact cookie cutter that you’re looking for or looking for something unique and special? 

Let Cookie Cutter Hub make it for you!

We can create a cookie cutter shaped like anything that you can imagine! Excitingly, not only can you have your own face turned into a cookie cutter, but you can also opt to have your pet’s face, any silhouette, a couple’s portrait or even a logo 3D printed into a cookie cutter!

The cost of your custom cookie cutter depends on 2 factors:

  1. Quantity – higher quantity typically lowers cost

  2. Complication – the less complicated a design is, typically the lower the cost will be

The more cookie cutters you buy, the less they will cost.  The more complicated a cookie cutter is, the more it will be.

Regarding design, we recommend that you send us an exact design drawn in the exact measurements. 

Our prices start as low as 12€ for a custom cookie cutter.  Contact us today for a price.

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